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Act by faith. Sustain by faith. Share by faith.


Act by faith: serving others with a heart of compassion.

There are countless ways to get involved at Onehope Refuge. Express your interest by submitting our application, and we’ll connect with you to navigate the next steps. Explore possibilities such as mentoring women or children, committing to pray for the women and children, providing transportation to appointments, leading a Bible study, engaging with the children, preparing meals, or participating in various other impactful opportunities. The list is extensive, and your contribution can make a meaningful difference.

Volunteer Opportunities


Driving survivors with or without her child/ren to appointments (including but not limited to mental health, physical health, dental) or to any other community services. Please note that volunteers will need to use their personal vehicles.

Childcare Volunteer

Watching survivors’ children while the survivors are participating in care, working, etc.

Homeschool Teacher

Facilitating homeschooling for children in accordance with Wake County curriculum.

Adult Tutor

Tutoring survivors who are pursuing their GED or other educational goals.

Therapeutic Activities

Engaging with survivors and their children in activities such as gardening, learning life skills, crafting, etc. 

Bible Study Teacher

Leading Bible studies from a trauma-informed perspective with the survivors. 

Special Events Organizer

Coordinating events for the survivors and their children. This may include birthday parties, holiday celebrations, events in the community, etc.


Completing small maintenance jobs around the home so that our home can be a safe place for the survivors and their children.

Meal Volunteer

Bringing food and/or coming to cook meals with the women and children.

Administrative Volunteer

Providing administrative and clerical support to Onehope Refuge.

Stay connected.

Sustain by faith: connected through prayer and praising His faithfulness.

Stay informed about God’s work at Onehope Refuge through our monthly updates, which include Praises, Prayer Requests, and concise email newsletters. If you happen to miss them in your inbox, find them here!

Make this house a home!

Make this house a home!

Greetings! Last weekend, we were deeply moved by the incredible turnout of 65 individuals at our Open House event, each showing genuine interest in learning more about Onehope Refuge and the brutal truth about sex trafficking. It was truly inspiring to witness such...

be the change for future Christmases

be the change for future Christmases

Dear DefendHERS, I was reflecting on everything the Christmas season holds as we celebrate the birth and promise of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ - the uplifting carols, delicious foods, family gatherings, all while being grateful for health, happiness, blessings...

Journeying Together to Open

Journeying Together to Open

Dear defendHER,  In the past month, a lot has transpired as we geared up to launch the safehouse. It feels akin to Christmas morning for us – settling into our on-site offices and being blessed with numerous generous gifts. Now, it's time to take a moment to express...

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Learn, advocate, take action.

Share by faith: spread the word about the darkness of trafficking.

Explore the links provided to learn more about organizations actively combating human trafficking. Whether you’re interested in understanding this criminal activity, educating your local church or community about human trafficking, or considering replicating the model of Onehope Refuge to extend support to more women and children, these resources are here for you:

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Rescue America

North Carolina Government

Safehouse Project

Shared Hope

Polaris Project

Institute for Shelter Care

Ready to take action? Give to Onehope Refuge today.