Dear DefendHERS,

I was reflecting on everything the Christmas season holds as we celebrate the birth and promise of our Lord and Redeemer Jesus Christ – the uplifting carols, delicious foods, family gatherings, all while being grateful for health, happiness, blessings and hope.  I chuckle as I watch children testing their new toys giggling and laughing as they play together.

Today, on a dark, drizzly day, walking by an empty playground, there was no laughing or giggling, no playground voices, no playing on swings or slides or monkey bars, and I thought of the children of women who have been trafficked and wondered what their Christmas was like.  Sex trafficking knows no holiday, so I am sure it was filled with unimaginable horror, malnutrition and sadness.  Considering the contrast, it brought me to tears and reinforced my commitment to eradicate sex trafficking. 

The horror and evil children are exposed to at such a young age is beyond traumatic which is why if they can ever have the fortune to escape, OneHope Refuge wants to be there to scoop them up.  We provide long term shelter, services and support for women who have been trafficked and their children – our goal is to share the beauty and potential of life and that includes having a joyous Christmas experience.

Please help us with our mission so we can make future Christmases for children in our care happy and memorable. 

Please become a defendHER, invite your family and friends to support us, and most of all consider offering your prayers and treasure.