Last weekend, we were deeply moved by the incredible turnout of 65 individuals at our Open House event, each showing genuine interest in learning more about Onehope Refuge and the brutal truth about sex trafficking. It was truly inspiring to witness such widespread support. The evening began with a shuttle ride to our safehouse, the location of which must remain undisclosed for security reasons. Our attendees graciously understood and respected this need for confidentiality by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Upon arrival at the home, our guests embarked on a guided tour, starting in the Children’s Center and concluding in our Counseling room. Throughout the tour, they were captivated by a survivor’s poignant story and guided to pray through each room with specific scriptures. Witnessing the intersection of God’s provision for our beautiful home and the harsh reality of the survivor’s journey left our guests both amazed and deeply moved.

J’s story, which began in her childhood marked by a lack of familial support and parental addiction, underscored the vulnerabilities that predators exploit. It’s crucial to grasp that the harsh reality of sex trafficking deviates significantly from Hollywood portrayals, with 95% of cases veering far from cinematic dramatization. Those ensnared in this heinous crime did not choose this fate; rather, it stems from a cascade of traumas that compound over time, making escape far from straightforward.

In light of this sobering reality, we implore you to consider the plight of the women, children, men, and boys trapped in these dire circumstances. Many yearn for a refuge—a place of long-term, genuine healing. Will you join us in becoming a monthly defendHER, ensuring that these individuals have access to the sanctuary and support they so desperately need? Your commitment could be the lifeline that transforms lives and offers hope where it’s needed most.

Below is a brief video capturing pictures from the Open House.

Open House 2024 #2 – SD 480p from Jill Kearney on Vimeo.